Simultaneous interpretation

This technique allows the interpreters to simultaneously translate everything the speakers say. Attendees receive the translation by means of receivers with headphones. The system requires installing a translation booth and sound equipment for the conference room. For events with few attendees, we offer special wireless receivers, which do not require a translation booth for the interpreters.

    • Languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese.
    • Professional interpreters, specialized in the specific subject of your conference.
    • We provide sound equipment and translation booths.
    • We provide individual wireless receivers (no translation booth required) for meetings of up to 40 attendees.

Consecutive interpretation

This technique may be utilized for short presentations and meetings, press conferences, etc. The speaker says one or two sentences, which the interpreter subsequently translates. In this case, neither translation booth nor headphones for the audience are required, although a microphone and sound equipment are necessary. However, this system will lengthen the total duration of the meeting, which should be taken into account for its appropriate planning.

    • Languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese.

    • Languages: Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese.
    • Translation, proofreading and editing of texts.
    • Terminological supervision.

Text editing
    • Translation, proofreading and editing of original papers in Spanish, English and French.
    • Editing of manuscripts according to journal’s requirements.
    • Design of originals for printing.

    Our areas of expertise are: medicine, biology, biochemistry, social sciences, statistics, pharmacology, dentistry, psychoanalysis and veterinary medicine.

Equipment and personnel for meetings
    • Sound equipment and translation booths.
    • Screens, video projectors and PC’s.
    • Portable interpretation equipment for small meetings of up to 40 people.
    • Support staff for meetings and conferences.
    • Audio and video recordings.

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